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Welcome to Clear Complexions!

Clear Complexions is an acne treatment center dedicated to clearing up your acne no matter how severe it is, and no matter what you have tried in the past.


If you are an acne sufferer who…

  • tried Proactiv and other similar products but are still breaking out…
  • went to dermatologists and used some prescriptions, but still aren’t seeing results…
  • tried the health food store organic products and eat healthy but still see no improvement…
  • is feeling hopeless and considering using Accutane, or have even used Accutane but still haven’t seen your face clear up.

You are at the right place. We can help you achieve the clear complexion you’ve always dreamed about. We are a skin care practice dedicated to treating only acne, especially moderate to severe acne! 

Everyone’s Acne is different. Our acne specialist will create a game plan for your type of acne, your type of skin, and help you along until you achieve your clear complexion.

Don’t live in the Colorado Springs area? We can do a long distance program. Please go to “Virtual Acne Coaching” Page.

Please call 719-337-5451 for more information.

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