How “Clear Solution Program” works?

Our Clear Solution Program is a months-long program that requires your commitment to use our acne safe products exclusively, and commit to change your diet, lifestyle, makeup as necessary, in order to get your acne under control  (average 3-4 months time, depending on the type of acne you have).

Our approach to acne treatment is four-fold:

  • Specifically Formulated Acne Products – We use skin care products that are specifically formulated for acneic skin and guaranteed to not clog your pores.
  • Diet/Supplements/medications – We will see what is contributing to your breakout from inside, as certain foods are known to cause problems to acne-prone people. We will also go over supplements that could be a problem, or part of the solution. Some medication (i.e. Birth Control Pills) can have side effects that could be causing your problem.
  • Lifestyle – Some lifestyle can be a problem if you are acne prone. Are you a swimmer who is in the water with chlorine?  Are you a football player whose face breaks out in acne under the pads of your helmet?  We will go over what can be done to prevent and change in order to get your acne under control.
  • Support – Your esthetician/acne specialist is your acne coach. We are here to guide you to the clear skin. We understand that acne can be debilitating and it is stressful if you are struggling by yourself. This is a team work!

What do we expect from you? 

  • Our program is a combination of receiving a series of acne treatments in conjunction with daily use of the homecare products recommended by our acne specialist. Once you commit to our Acne Solution Program, you should not be using products that we haven’t specifically recommended for you.
  • We need your willingness to listen to and follow our guidance. We are here to help clear your acne using our knowledge and expertise; Acne is our business. Your daily routine following our instruction is the key to your success, but if you are not doing your homecare routine according to our instruction, it will not work. If you like to figure out on your own and do it your way, this is not the program for you. This program is also not for someone looking for an overnight success. This program is at least 3-4 months long.
  • Please expect some dryness and flakiness. All acne remedy will cause some dryness and flakiness, so please know and expect some dryness and flakiness during this program.
  • Lastly, but not least, our Acne Solution Program is a proven program to get your acne under control. So please be ready to commit 100% when you make your appointment. If you are ready, we are here to help you 100%!