Virtual Acne Coaching Program

We are excited to announce that we will start offering a Virtual Acne Coaching Program!

This is a program that allows you to join our “Clear Solution Program” without coming in for in-office treatments. Instead, you check in for product adjustments every 2 weeks via FaceTime/Skype. To ensure success, you must agree to use our prescribed products only in the way we instruct, be willing to change your diet, lifestyle and skin and hair care regimen .  There are 2 key component to this program. Our part is choosing the right products for your type of acne and skin; Your part is to use our recommended skincare products twice daily according to our instructions.

*Please know that in-office bi-monthly treatments are vital to our “Clear Solution Program” and without them, your road to clear skin will take longer than our average success time of 3-4 months. Please also know that your first set of products are around $150 for face acne and $100 for body acne, which last about 2 months+, however, you might be ask to change or add products depending on your skin’s condition.

Here is how it works:

1, Email us at or call 719-337-5451 to schedule a “Virtual Acne Coaching Program Consultation“.  45min. $55 (This appointment is not available by online scheduling )

After your first virtual consultation session is scheduled,  you will receive an email from us with a link to go online and fill our new client form.

2, At your first Virtual Acne Coaching Program Consultation, we will go over some very important information about acne safe diet, lifestyle, supplements, cosmetics, hair products and other acne related information. We will  come up with the best homecare routine just for YOU, your skin type, and your acne problem.

First set of home-care products total averages $150, (Shipping & tax not included.  Supplements, hair products, toothpaste, acne safe makeup are sold separately and optional.)

3, Your will receive your first set of home-care products in the mail, along with instructions for two weeks of our home care regimen. From here, you choose one of the following “Virtual Acne Coaching Programs“. Your skincare adjustment every 2 weeks is crucial to make the improvement. We will be working together and making adjustment to keep improving your skin to achieve your clear complexion! Time table of how long it takes to clear your acne varies and it depends on severeness of your acne, health problems, etc. However, it averages around 5-7months. *Credit card information is required for this service.

Monthly “Virtual Acne Coaching Program” options :

  •  $50 / Month     Email only support
  •  $85 / Month     2 times 30min. each phone/FaceTime®, Unlimited email or text support

*You will need to add/replenish products as you go into the program. individual acne products ranges between $11-$40.

** The payment is due at the time of appointment and is only accepted by the credit cards.